Projects are games we worked on but haven’t released. Well, maybe haven’t released yet, in some cases.

Dual Force

This was our first attempt at a co-op game.

The players were both controlling a battle mech fending off hordes of aliens, with one player acting as a pilot and the other one as a gunner. Each session would start with a 60 second countdown. While the timer was above zero, alien hives would drop and spawn some alien grunts. Getting rid of the aliens would grant experience points and upgrades to players (like faster reload, additional hit points, greater speed etc.) while also bumping up the timer by a little. Eventually the timer would run out, and by that time the players would need to face the boss. Overall the players would need to balance their approach, so that they have enough experience to beat the boss while also handling the enemies which were getting more numerous while the timer was still above zero.

While all this worked pretty well when playing alone, the co-op part was never satisfactory for both players, especially the one in charge of moving. We considered simply giving full control over the mech to one player and then adding in a second mech for the second player but it still didn’t feel good enough for us.

Project Souls

With the world still awaiting the release of Salt & Sanctuary, this was our valiant approach to a Souls-like platformer without jumping. While we were super hyped about making such game and we were quite happy with the core mechanics, developing a good story and creating interesting and challenging opponents turned out to be too much for us. The scope of what we wanted to have was way more than we could tackle at the time.

Combat parts remained too placeholder-like to showcase, but take a look at the art style we went with:

Music: Magic Forest by Kevin MacLeod (

Project Invaders

Think of a bunch of your classic AD&D heroes: a paladin, a rogue, a wizard and a ranger. They set off to find a legendary treasure hidden in an ancient tomb. But they’re not the protagonists of this story. No, the story is about a tribe of goblins. The goblins know that disturbing the treasure will bring doom to the world. And so they strive to stop the adventurers.

This one started out as a follow-up to Dual Force. We joked what it would be if instead of being the big guy fighting off the horde, the player would be among the horde instead. And this is what we came up with. Gameplay-wise it felt kind of like Cannon Fodder but with bosses. At the time we simply run out of ideas on how to move this project forward, and while we were happy with the concept, the mechanics we were able to create didn’t match our vision.