Developer: Vertical Skull Games, based in Warsaw, Poland
Founded: March, 2016
Website: verticalskullgames.pl
Contact: contact@verticalskullgames.pl
Social links: FacebookYouTube, Twitter

Vertical Skull Games is two-persons indie dev team. We started developing our first game in 2015 while both working full time at a major Warsaw based QA vendor. We debuted in 2016 with the release of Cellar on Steam. Since then we worked on several projects, although none of them came to light yet. In February 2018, one of us left the company we both worked at for several years, to try and focus on making game entirely. This resulted in our next game – Yahrit! – being released in July.

We both love pixel art. With our background in game testing, we definitely want to make good quality games. We also want for our games to be somehow unique or novel. But beyond that we have no clear picture what games we want to make. We’re not bound to any genre or theme, so we just have to find out what happens next!